GlamLaws of Paradise Collection

Glam is an elegant, luxurious, large-scale design that plays with light through the use of Sand or premium Flock.

The Flock or Sand is used on a non-woven fabric, adding a layer of earthyness to the design.

Glam is available in eight stunning colourways

Roll Size:
92cm wide × 10m
Premium Flock or Sand

LAP 31301 (Sand)

LAP 31301

LAP 31302 (Sand)

LAP 31302

LAP 31303 (Sand)

LAP 31303

LAP 31304 (Sand)

LAP 31304

LAP 31305 (Premium Flock)

LAP 31305

LAP 31306 (Premium Flock)

LAP 31306

LAP 31307 (Premium Flock)

LAP 31307

LAP 31308 (Premium Flock)

LAP 31308