Bubble / Bubble FlowerCrazy Petals Collection

Bubble and Bubble Flower are both rooted in Japanese Pop-Culture.

Bubble and Bubble Flower's clean vibrant colors can be combined with the Kinari design for a whole room solution.

Bubble and Bubble Flower each have 3 beautiful colorways

Roll Size:
92cm wide × 10m
Pure Non-Woven Fabric

CRP 30801 (Bubble)

CRP 30801

CRP 30901 (Bubble Flower)

CRP 30901

CRP 30802 (Bubble)

CRP 30802

CRP 30902 (Bubble Flower)

CRP 30902

CRP 30803 (Bubble)

CRP 30803

CRP 30903 (Bubble Flower)

CRP 30903